Showcase: Ghazkull Thraka, Prophet of Da WAAAAGH (40k)

Today’s post takes a look at what is easily one of my top 10 Warhammer 40k models ever released, the mighty Ork Warboss Ghazkull Thraka. It may be a rather old model by now, but in my opinion it’s a true classic, full of menace and brutality. I gave him a larger base, power klaw and banner pole to bulk him up a bit, but other than that, kept the model stock as it’s just superb!
Armageddon, Ghazkull Thraka, Goff, Mega Armor, Orks, Warboss, Warhammer 40,000

Feel free to leave your thoughts below, and see the About page if you’re interested in a commission. Thanks for looking!


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