Paradigm Painting offers a commission painting service for wargaming miniatures. Based in the UK, I provide good quality paintjobs at affordable prices to get your miniatures looking the part, whether that be a character for an RPG, a centrepiece for your army or simply a model to display on the shelf.

About Me:

When it comes to wargaming, I am first and foremost a hobbyist. While hitting the gaming table to roll some dice is great fun, for me it is in the building, customising and painting of miniatures that I find the most enjoyment. I’ve been painting for several years now, starting with Games Workshop’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ line before moving on to both  Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Now, I collect and paint miniatures from a wide range of games, including Malifaux, Infinity, Deadzone, D&D and more.

About The Service: 

The painting service I offer is founded on the love of the hobby, and the desire to provide quality miniatures to gaming tables and display cabinets around the world. With that in mind, any commission I take on will be completed to the best of my ability, treated as if it were one of my own projects. There will be no shortcuts, compromises or half-measures in the painting process; if you want it done and I can do it, it will be done.

Unlike some studios, I do not offer ‘tiers’ of painting. The only quality I’ll paint to is the best I can do, to meet the needs of a client, and the kind of paintwork you can see in my Galleries is exactly the kind of paintwork you’ll receive from a commission. You can also expect regular progress updates, communication and input on the painting process, and quick turnaround time on any commission. Typically, the models will be painted, photographed, checked and on their way back to you within two week of receipt (or less for smaller jobs). If necessary, assembly and basing of the miniatures is included in the price of the commission

What Will I Paint?

Almost anything! From the futuristic models of Infinity and Deadzone to the gothic Warhammer 40k and the steampunk horror of Malifaux, I cater to a wide range of games, genres and styles. My only real requirement is that I feel I will be able to do a good job on the miniature and realise your vision to the best of my ability.

With that in mind, there are a small range of models I simply don’t get on with, and don’t feel I could paint to a quality I would be happy with:

  • Tanks, aircraft and other large vehicles
  • Models in scales lower than 15mm and larger than 54mm

Typically, I will take jobs of about 10 models to ensure rapid turnaround time, but may consider larger projects on a case-by-case basis.

Commission Rates: 

These rates are determined per model, and by a miniature’s base size. They include assembly, minor conversion work (if requested), painting, sealing and basing a model. I also request that the client pays any postage and packing costs (return postage will be calculated once the models have been packed, you will only pay what I pay).

  • Small: a single model on a base 20-35mm in diameter. This covers the infantry models of most gaming systems: £10 per model
  • Medium: a single model on a base 36-55mm in diameter. This covers larger infantry models, and smaller monsters and mechs: £15 per model
  • Large: a single model on a base 56-90mm in diameter. This covers most monsters, mechs and other large miniatures: £25 per model

Note that when commissioning Large models, I will only take a single model at a time, to ensure swift returns.

Other Options: If you would like scenic/diorama basing, extensive conversion/kitbashing or a model that does not fit the above categories, please contact me to establish a price.

Contact Me:

To discuss a commission, please use the contact form on this page to provide a brief description of the models you would like to commission. Include details such as the name, manufacturer and number of models you would like worked on, the general style of paintjob you require and any other pertinent details or requests, such as specific conversion, basing or customisation. I will reply to all requests via an email with the subject ‘Paradigm Painting’. In general, you will get one of three responses

  • If I am able to accept the commission immediately, I will provide posting details and ask request a more detailed description of the work you would like done.
  • If I am currently booked for a commission, but will be available soon I will inform you of this, at which point you can choose to be put on a waiting list or seek alternative options.
  • If, for whatever reason, I am unable to complete your commission as requested I will inform you of this and of why I have made that decision. I will also make you aware if I am able to complete the commission with a few slight alterations, in which case you can either agree to those, discuss them further or choose another service.


Payment should be made by Paypal, to an email address that will be provided.

For a commission, payment will be made in two stages.

  • Upon acceptance of a commission, a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the commission will be requested. Once this has been received, I will provide the shipping address and the miniatures can be sent.
  • Once the miniatures have been completed and approved, the remainder of cost will be requested, along with the postage and packing cost. Once this has been received, the miniatures will be returned.

Terms and Conditions:

The following applies to all commission work from this service.

  • I reserve the right to use photographs of completed commissions for promotional purposes, on this site and others.
  • Miniatures will be sent by Royal Mail or a courier service, whichever is most efficient for the specific job.
  • Please obtain a Proof of Posting (this is free, just ask at the Post Office counter) when sending miniatures. I will do the same when returning the items.
  • If you choose to display commissioned models on your own site or an independent forum, please ensure you credit this service as the painter.



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